Stephanie is a young woman full of life. It flourished in all the same areas in the field of sex. It is a real foot fetishist. Every time she goes out, she then knows how to choose his partner. One day when she was out box with her friends, she met a young man who kept devouring eyes. He stared at her without realizing it from head to foot. She wore shoes suggesting his feet in the hope of finding someone who would like to end the evening with her. This young man lingered long on her feet she eventually approached him and asked him if he liked his feet. He told her she had beautiful feet and he would like to discover more closely. They then discussed everything and nothing at the bar before the man asks him to take her home. She initially hesitated a moment, but finally agreed.

In the taxi, the two young men kissed throughout the journey without worrying about anything. They petted and étaint both super excited.

In the flat

Once in the apartment, they have not even had time to lock the door they threw themselves on one another. Stephania asked him to wait on the lounge chair a moment and went to change. She wore a red nightgown, the lace suspenders doors and hid her feet in transparent red tights. The young man was even more excited to discover gradually the whole body of Stephania. He took her hand and guided her to her chair and asked him to sit down. He knelt before her and took her to one of his feet and started to kiss up and down. Then he took another before removing gradually collat ​​her and worship her feet simply. The girl he later made a great footjob worthy of the name before taking him into the room for the rest.